The CPA Board Exams Experience

Taking The CPA Board Exams

Only a few more months to go before accountancy students from all over the Philippines will be taking the May 2016 CPA Board Exams. I’m sure that this early, a lot of them are already feeling the pressure. A few first time reviewers may even decide not to take the May version of the 2016 CPA Board Exams for fear of being unprepared when the day comes.

I should know because I felt the same way when I reviewed for the CPA Board years back. I felt that everytime I open an accounting book, especially law and taxation, it’s my first time seeing the accounting concepts! I almost had a daily panic attack. This after having a solid foundation in college. Modesty aside, I graduated cum laude in college so I was pretty confident that taking the board would not be such a hurdle for me.

Boy was I wrong! Reviewing for the CPA Board Exams was nerve-wracking! Everyday you discover concepts that you did not encounter or touched upon back in your university days. And this just adds to the pressure! Add to that the thought that your parents have really high expectations, and for some other folks, their parents practically begged and borrowed just to send them to college and then review school, one can imagine the almost unbearable pressure to pass!

But I persevered, I studied smart, went to church daily, and made sure to take care of my health. Moreover, I made sure to unwind every once in a while. The power of relaxation is not something that can be underestimated. If one is always tightly wound during review, it will rebound and the pressure just multiplies.

The day of the exam itself, I was a nervous wreck. I thought about all the hardships I went through, all the sacrifices my parents made, all the expectations from friends and family; all of those things passed through my mind minute by painful minute while waiting for the test papers to be handed out. When I finally did get the exam papers however, I felt really calm and excited because I knew that I did my best during the review and have practiced as much as I can.

A few days after the last exam papers have been handed out, I read my name in the paper. Everything paid off. Everything was right with the world.

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